Government publishes guidance for holiday park owners and operators

The desire to own an easily accessible holiday bolt-hole by the sea or in the countryside has grown steadily since the turn of the 21st Century. In the last five years, and especially during the pandemic, the attraction of a safe, secure, and ‘socially distanced by design’ refuge has created a huge demand from a largely new, younger market.

To help holiday parks understand how existing consumer law is applied to the sector, and to meet the growing expectations of this new market, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) and the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) have published guidance as part of the Business Companion series (see https://www.

The guidance, which the NCC commented on as part of an earlier consultation, covers all dealings and contracts with ‘consumers’ including those who, through an agreement, own a holiday caravan or holiday lodge pitched on a holiday park, or those who are going to buy one.

In a joint statement issued by CTSI and NCC the NCC’s Director General, John Lally, said:

“The NCC welcomes this new guidance for park owners and operators to guide them through the complex avenues of contract law and fair-trading legislation as it applies to the holiday park sector.

“We fully support the clear, unambiguous information that the Business Companion series offers, and its no-nonsense approach to real-life practical issues park owners and operators face every day.

The guidance on marketing and the sales process, the importance of using clear and transparent documentation (the contract) and helping new owners to understand the costs and obligations of becoming a holiday caravan or holiday lodge owner reflects our own earlier information to park owners/operators”.

Sue Steward, Head of Education and Training at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute said:

“We have consulted with stakeholders and key people from industry to develop this guide that sets out how consumer law could apply to businesses owning and/ or operating holiday parks selling holiday caravans/lodges for private ownership.

“The guide covers contract law and unfair terms, fair-trading law, how to support caravan owners, understanding the legislation in place, and much more. We have included some practical situations that we think are more likely or less likely to breach the law to help those owning or operating holiday caravan parks understand their legal obligations.

“We have valued the support from the NCC and we look forward to assisting in promoting the guide with their membership and networks.”

Copies of the guidance can be downloaded from

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