Test and Trace – outdoor events and eat-in hospitality venues

14, May 2021

DCMS and DoH have produced guidance on the application of Test and Trace to outdoor events in England:

  • Many outdoor events are not currently included in the scope of the Collection of Contact Details Regulations (Test & Trace), unless taking place at a venue specifically listed in the Regulations, and as such are not required to display an official NHS QR code or ask customers and visitors for their contact details. (These include, for example funfairs, fetes and festivals.)  
  • Event organisers may still wish to support test and trace by asking visitors for their contact details and displaying an official NHS QR code, but they are not required to do so. 

However, any eat-in hospitality venues within these events (even if outdoors) are in scope of the Regulations and are required to request that all customers and visitors either scan the official NHS QR code or provide contact details.  They must refuse entry to must anyone that chooses not to do so. This applies to the area of the hospitality venue only – it does not change the requirements for the wider event premises.  

A full list of venues which are in scope of the Regulations and must display an official NHS QR code and request customer, visitor, and staff contact details can be found here

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