Becoming a member of the NCC enables you to gain access to a wide range of benefits designed to help your business build trust within your own customer base and subsequently the consumers that they serve, thrive, and stand out in your competitive landscape.

Why should I join?

We are committed to representing and protecting the interests of our industry and have been doing so for over 80 years, so joining us means joining a committed group of like-minded people who care deeply about the future health and prosperity of the industry both.

We work hard to ensure high standards, so NCC membership is perfect for all those who seek to demonstrate best practices and be acknowledged for their efforts.

How will the NCC represent me?

With the ongoing support of our membership, we continue to maintain a dialogue with government departments and regulatory bodies to ensure that we represent the interests of the industry at the highest levels.

As a member of the NCC, we will welcome your contribution to the work plans of our committees and strategic panels and actively encourage input in the development of industry policy. By joining the NCC, your voice will be heard throughout the industry and your business will be at the forefront of future developments and strategic planning.

What benefits will I get?

Being a full member of the NCC means that you will have access to a range of benefits contact us to find out more.

How much will it cost?

Membership fees are calculated on several factors in order to keep them fair and competitive contact us for a quote 

I have seen some manufacturers have this badge what does it mean?

The emphasis of the manufacturers' approval scheme is on consumer safety and its objective is to ensure the UK Leisure Vehicle industry exceeds the fundamental criteria for products to be safe and fit for their purpose.

Its independent verification provides your retailers with essential reassurance that a product meets the recognised criteria and the scheme itself is a crucial element of the good reputation of the industry.


Who’s eligible to join?

 To apply for NCC membership your business will need to be:

  • Either based within the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland or have an established distribution network within one or all of these countries
  • Involved with the manufacture of holiday caravans from your business premises.


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