PM’s statement heralds removal of restrictions in England (1)

20, January 2022

  • Work from home request ends
  • No more mandated face masks
  • Self-isolation regulations to end
  • Mandatory Covid certification to end

Boris Johnson’s statement to the House of Commons on 19 January 2022 heralds the reduction of restrictions in England and a withdrawal from Plan B.  He made the following points:

  • The Government supported businesses facing reduced demand due to Plan B.
  • Cited ONS data that found that infection levels were falling in England, despite some areas where they may rise.
  • Stated that scientists believed the Omicron wave had peaked nationally.
  • Outlined that the Cabinet concluded that Plan A could be returned to, with Plan B regulations to expire. 
  • Confirmed that from Thursday next week, mandatory Covid certification will end, but added that organisations could use it voluntarily.
  • Said the Government was no longer asking people to work from home. 
  • Stated that Cabinet had concluded that once regulations lapse, the Government would no longer mandate the wearing of face masks in England. 
  • Highlighted that it remained a suggestion to wear face coverings in closed or crowded places, but said the Government would trust the judgement of British people. 
  • Emphasised that some measures still remained, including the legal requirement for people to self-isolate if testing positive for Covid. 
  • Confirmed that self-isolation regulations would expire on 24 March, and said he was not expecting to have to renew them. 
  • Stated that legal requirements would eventually be replaced with advice and guidance. 
  • Added that he would like to seek a vote in the House to bring the 24 March date forward.
  • Referred the Government’s plan for a long-term strategy to live with Covid 19, which included relying on medical advances. 

Finally, he urged people to remain cautious during last few weeks of winter. 

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