Coronavirus and its impact on the UK economy

14, October 2021

ONS’s recently published figures on the UK’s economic growth showed an increase in GDP of 0.4% in August. The sectors providing the strongest contribution were accommodation and food services (0.28%growth) and arts, entertainment and recreation (0.13% growth). Things of particularly note include

That economic output from the “sports activities and amusement and recreation activities industry” is now above the pre-pandemic level due to  growth from theme parks and amusement parks, and the return of fans to football matches.

Travel agents and tour operators experienced the greatest sub-sector growth with a 47.9% increase due to the easing of travel restrictions – this was, however, from a very low base.

  • Air transport grew by 27.5% – again from a very low base
  • Accommodation grew by 22.9%
  • Museums and cultural activities grew by 12.9%
  • Food and beverage grew by 5.9%
  • Water transport increased by 3.2% indicating a much slower return for the cruise market.

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