Chemicals in recycling – important research focussing on WEEE, construction and furniture

13, December 2022

Defra has commissioned WRAP (The Waste and Resource Action Programme) to undertake a piece of research into the information needs of suppliers. The research is to better understand how chemicals in products can be tracked throughout the supply chain to reduce barriers to recycling and reuse, whilst preventing risk from harmful chemicals.

The research will be focusing on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), construction and demolition, textiles, and furniture. Defra would be very grateful if suppliers working with these products could participate in an interview with WRAP to share their experiences of the communication of chemical information throughout the supply chain and their thoughts on what improvements could be made to this. Participation will help shape policy in this area.

If your business would like to be involved in this important research, or would like further information, please contact Claire Turner, Project Manager at WRAP, at by 21December 2022. Please include: ‘Chemicals in Recycling Project’ in the subject line.

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