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Sunday, 14 Aug 2022

Tourer Dealer Scheme

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The NCC's Tourer Dealer Sales Scheme - Code of Practice

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Recognising the opportunity, and indeed the necessity, to better promote and protect members and encourage improved consumer protection, the NCC has recently been accelerating activities towards the introduction of new self-regulatory Industry Consumer Code Schemes, each with a Code of Practice at its heart.

The new Tourer Dealer Sales Scheme covers all key dealer activities relating to the sale of new and used tourers through to aftersales services. The Code itself comprises;

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Initial Enquiry and Request for General Information
  • Ordering a New or Used Tourer
  • Delivery/Handover of your Tourer
  • Tourer Warranties
  • Replacement Parts, Accessories and Aftersales Service
  • Complaint Handling

This and the other NCC Schemes are designed to align with Government’s desire to rein in costly state regulation and allow businesses to focus more on growing their markets, rather than complying with red tape. Government still wants industries to maintain high standards for customer care and fair provision of goods and services, but has increasingly been encouraging this through voluntary self-regulation based on industry 'Codes'.

The OFT Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) provides a framework for this and helps consumers choose businesses that have promised to provide a higher standard of customer service than required by law and better protection in the event that something goes wrong. This approach fits well with the NCC’s own vision for a self-regulated, competitive UK caravan market and industry that treats consumers fairly. Against this backdrop, the NCC and its members have therefore developed a range of sector focused Industry Consumer Code Schemes, each based on OFT CCAS criteria and adapted to fit our industry, which set out the principles of good practice and minimum standards that must be followed by members. Of key importance, each Scheme is supported by a clear 'Approved' logo to help consumers identify and choose trustworthy member businesses.

All the schemes will have teeth too. Each Scheme features a comprehensive compliance and assessment regime and will be overseen by an independent Policy Board which has appropriate powers to ensure compliance. The Schemes will also feature conciliation and access to independent adjudication for unresolved consumer complaints. Moving forward, customer satisfaction monitoring will also be an important feature to support the assessment process.

These new Schemes will deliver business benefits on a number of levels and this investment by industry will therefore have a positive effect throughout the supply chain in terms of improved reputation, new business opportunities, customer retention and better business practices.

OFT’s work and responsibilities after 31 March 2014. As part of the Government’s reforms to the arrangements for competition, consumer protection and consumer credit regulation, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) closes on 31 March 2014, and its work and responsibilities pass to a number of different bodies. Full details can be found at http://www.oft.gov.uk/about-the-oft/work-and-responsibilities#.UzkskU1OXl4


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