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NCC Informal Dispute Resolution Service
Wednesday, 29 Jun 2022

NCC Informal Dispute Resolution Service

A FREE service for customers of NCC members

Many complaints arise due to misunderstandings or a breakdown in communications that can often be resolved by direct discussion or correspondence.

The NCC Informal Dispute Resolution Service aims to restore communications to enable both parties to resolve their differences. It does not attempt to mediate, arbitrate nor make a judgement on the issues presented. If NCCIDRS is unable to restore communication to allow a resolution to be found, then your complaint may be eligible for escalation to the Independent Case Examiner (ICE).

You must, however, give the NCC member the opportunity to deal with your complaint and/or to fulfil their responsibilities under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Before bringing a complaint to us the member must have issued a final decision in writing.

Use of the service does not affect your statutory rights but, before you take this step, it is important for you to understand what this service can and cannot offer you. Please read the NCCIDRS Complaints Guidance for Consumers in full.

If you have followed the steps outlined in the Complaints Guidance, please complete the “I wish to make a complaint” form and return it with any copies of evidence and correspondence relating to the dispute here.

For further information: the Consumer Rights Act 2015

Have you put your complaint in writing to the member company?

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