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Tuesday, 4 Aug 2015

Protect your investment

CRiS - essential security for a tourer

CRiS is the Central Registration & Identification Scheme, owned by the NCC, which operates in a similar way to the DVLA for cars, providing you with the benefit of a registration document and a record that you are the keeper of your tourer. With its unique industry connections, CRiS also maintains information relating to any interest held by finance companies and, from insurance companies, whether the tourer had been written off or stolen - essential to know before buying a used tourer.

All new tourers built by NCC member manufacturers not only carry the unique 17 digit CRiS Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) die stamped into the chassis, but windows are also etched with the VIN and an electronic tag embedded within the bodywork for extra security. Only the police and enforcement agencies have direct access to the location of the tag and the means to read the VIN programmed within it. Recovery of a CRiS registered tourer is therefore more likely to be successful.

Specialist insurance companies often require registration with CRiS before granting cover and when you come to sell your tourer your CRiS registration will prove invaluable. Not only does CRiS offer you all the benefits of registering yourself as the keeper, but it offers opportunities for prospective purchasers, both trade and public, to check out the legitimacy of a used tourer offered to them for sale. Tourer thefts do occur, so buyers can’t afford to take any risks – the existence of CRiS has in fact kept thefts to a low level. It is essential for anyone looking to buy a tourer to check it out through CRiS.

You can fit state-of-the-art CRiS electronic tags to personalise the security of your tourer and deter thieves. Your local NCC dealer can also order tags and install them for you whilst your tourer is serviced.

Call the dedicated CRIS number on: 0203 282 1000

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